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wet roomA wet room or walk-in shower is the height of contemporary and minimalist design. It is a bathroom usually designed with a shower at level access and a drain that is built into the floor to get rid of waste water used.

Wet rooms are often considered to be too impractical and too expensive for homes, which is why most homes still sport the traditional bathroom. However, this is far from the truth.

At A Oxley & Son Building Contractors, we provide great value for money, so whatever your price range is, we can provide you with the bathroom solutions you want at the highest possible professional standard.

Wet rooms or walk-in showers can be a way to provide practicality to a small bathrooms space. Without the need for a bulky traditional closed shower, you will have more space in your bathroom, although you may need a shower tray and shower screen to prevent water from splashing on everything.

Or maybe you currently have a bath and are looking for a shower to be installed instead. Whatever your reason, a wet room is suitable for all kinds of properties and budgets. It also gives style and sophistications to an otherwise boring and plain bathroom.

Installing a Wet Room

There are many things to consider when installing a wet room. These things can be discussed with an A Oxley & Son builder to clear up any unanswered questions you may have.


wet room installerThe flooring is important since it will be in constant contact with water, therefore it will need to be well structured and seamless. At A Oxley & Son Building Contractors, we make sure that your wet room is structurally sound and practical from the ground up.

We can also provide heating solutions with underfloor heating. This helps to keep the tiles warm and dry out the water on the floor.


This is something a knowledgeable and qualified professional can do. It is vital that your wet room’s floors are waterproof to avoid damage to your homes foundations.

Water Drainage

We can correctly and efficiently install a drainage system for your wet room. We will also give you solutions to make sure water doesn’t escape from your wet room in case it begins to fill the room with water, such as a higher door or a slanted floor.

A Oxley & Son Building Contractors’ Promise

We can provide a professional, high-standard service for those who want a wet room installed in their home or property. Our work is insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For more information about our wet room installation services, you can contact us o by calling on the phone on 0161 635 2016 or you can fill out the contact form to make an enquiry and get a call back from one of our friendly professionals.

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