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Partitioning Service From a Qualified Builder

At A Oxley & Son Building Contractors Limited, we specialise in a wide range of general building and construction services. One of these specialties includes partitioning. Our partitioning service includes the construction of partition and stud walls as well as the repair of partitioning.

Our builders and contractors are highly seasoned with years of training and first hand experience, therefore they are able to provide our clients with a safe and structurally sound partitioning job that will result in a professional standard result.

Our partitioning service can be done as a one off but is also a process included in our construction packages for new builds, loft and basement conversions, kitchen and bathroom extensions and renovations.

Feel free to contact our friendly team of professionals and experts by telephone on through our website by filling in the call back form.

What Is Wall Partitioning?

Partitioning refers to a term that is used in construction which involves dividing areas in a building to create separate rooms. Partition walls are non load bearing and are commonly used to create walls in building structures.

A partition wall is usually solid at around 13cm thick (just over 5 inches) and is made up of a range of different materials. These materials are typically brick or block work and can range from blocks of clay, bricks, concrete and glass blocks.

When Is Partitioning Used In Construction?

As well as providing good special division, a partition wall can also be used to create privacy, as well as acoustic and fire separation which not only ensure safety and comfort, but can also give a room more flexibility when it comes to the layout of furniture and decorations.

A framed partition wall which is also known as a stud wall can be made from timber, plasterboard, steel or aluminium panels, metal or fibreboard.

A stud wall can be constructed to take into consideration the design and layout of the building. They can incorporate opening for windows, doors, pipe work, sockets, ducting or ventilation, wiring, skirting boards, architraves and more.

A partition wall can include an insulation system for heat and sound to prevent the passing through of heat, fire or sounds between adjacent spaces. Because they are non load bearing, the process of changing or repairing a partition wall can be fairly straightforward and inexpensive for someone who is qualified and experienced without damaging the rest of the wall. Partition walls are also quite flexible, especially if they are light weight framed systems.

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