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Suspended Ceilings Manchester and the North West

A suspended ceiling can be used in a range of properties from domestic to commercial for a number of different reasons and uses. There are many benefits to having a suspended ceiling such as allowing for better acoustics, insulation and access to wiring and pipe work.

Installing a suspended ceiling requires a careful and accurate design. There is a great amount of skill that is needed when installing and fitting a suspended ceiling to ensure that the integration with partition walls and systems is structurally sound.

At A Oxley & Son Building Contractors Limited our team of friendly and reliable builders, contactors and tradespeople who have the experience needed to fit suspended ceilings so that tiles, grids and partitions intersect neatly.

We have the skills and training to provide a professional suspended ceiling installation service to clients in Manchester and the North West. Our clients range from residential to commercial properties.

What Is A Suspended Ceiling?

A suspended ceiling can also be referred to as a false ceiling or a dropped ceiling. It is a secondary ceiling system that is suspended from the structural floor of the above storey. It creates a space or a void between the floor above from which it hangs and the surface of the suspended ceiling structure.

A suspended ceiling or dropped ceiling is a lightweight structure. It has to be lightweight in order to safely hang from the overhead structure by cables and wires. Suspended ceilings are normally hung from a bracket that is fixed to the underside of the floor slab which supports a series of interlocking metal sections in the shape of a grid. The grid is filled with panels such as ceiling tiles that are fitted between each grid panel to create the look of a solid ceiling.

The tiles can be made from a variety of materials which can include plasterboard, metal, mineral fibre and laminates. These materials are typically perforated to meet specific levels of acoustic absorption that can be used to control the reverberation time in the room below.

Uses And Benefits Of Suspended Ceilings

There are many benefits to a suspended ceiling such as:

  • Can be suspended from any stable soffit or ceiling type
  • Easier, quicker and less costly to install than plasterboard construction
  • No decorating required because it is pre finished
  • Easy access to the ceiling void for the maintenance of electrics, pipe work, etc
  • Saves energy by optimising light reflection
  • Sound proofing and insulating properties
  • Lets light fittings, air conditioning and other services to be easily hidden in the ceiling void
  • Allows access to such services to contractors
  • Has a flexible design as well as multiple colour options

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