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A Oxley & Son Building Contractors are professional builders who specialise in loft conversions. We serve those in Manchester and the surrounding area.

All our work is done by friendly, qualified and well-seasoned builders, contractors and engineers.

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loft conversionsAt A Oxley & Son Building Contractors in Manchester, we have the training and expertise to answer all common questions involved in building a loft conversion. There are many things to consider before going ahead with the conversion.

We are professional builders and take into consideration all of the following factors to make sure your home is safe and sound.

Can your home take the weight of a loft conversion?

A loft conversion will add extra weight to your home, which can compromise your home’s structure. Although the increase in weight is modest, it may impact your home somewhere down the line.

At Oxley & Son, we can inspect your property’s foundations and check them, together with any beams or lintels that will need to take on more weight, to make sure that they can soundly hold your new loft room.

Building regulations

As well as the design, there will need to be some planning permission granted. Loft conversions also need approval under Building Regulations. Having a qualified and experienced building contractor such as Oxley & Son will take away the risk of the loft work and it also allows you to get a fixed quotation as opposed to a vague estimate.

If your home is semi-detached, you will also need to notify your neighbour about the work you plan on doing to your house. This will all be explained by our team of professionals upon planning your loft conversion.

Installing stairs, doors and windows

attic conversionsThe stairs to your loft will need to be designed cleverly as there is a limited amount of space. At Oxley & Son, we have the knowledge to design a practical set of stairs to complete your loft conversion.

Roof structure and insulation

Each roof has its own internal roof structure from a traditional pitched roof to flat roofing. In order to make way for your new loft room, you will need to alter your home’s roof structure. To ensure that this is done safely and in the right way, you should contact our team at Oxley & Son. We ensure that all building work is done correctly so that you won’t have to worry about your roof collapsing two years down the line.

It is also important to know if there is enough head height. Having enough headroom to make your loft a functional living space is something you need to consider when planning to convert the space. We will advise you on the ideal use of your loft according to its height measurements during the planning stage.

Insulation is also important. You will need to properly install insulation for sound as well as heat to make your loft room more comfortable to live in.

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