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The team of trustworthy builders at A Oxley & Son Building Contractors Limited take pride in the work that they do. Here at A Oxley & Son we understand what it means to be a good builder and therefore the work that we do is always completed to the highest standard. Our builders are happy to answer any questions and enquiries that you may have about joinery work and our joinery services.

What Is Joinery?

Joinery involves all the wooden components of a building. It includes stairs, roof trusses, skirting boards, built in shelves, fencing, joisted floors, stud walls, window frames, door frames and doors.

A joiner joins these wood elements together to create a finishing touch to any room refurbishment, extension or renovation.

Our joinery service uses carefully crafted joinery techniques that have been mastered and perfected by our team of joining experts. We use a variety of joints which are decided depending on the type of work needed and the object being made. The techniques for joining are strong, permanent and neat.

Some examples of common frame joints used in joinery:

Butt Joint – When two pieces of wood are connected by having the square end of one piece is joined to the side of another to make a right angle.

Cross Lapped Joint – A rectangular section is taken out of the piece of each piece of wood so that they fit and interlock together flush.

Dowelled Joint – Where small holes are carved into one wood piece so wooden dowels can fit into it for the support to create a join.

Mortise and Tenon – Mainly used for 90 degree joins and involves a rectangular piece fitting into a rectangle shaped slot.

Dovetail Joint – Pins and tails shaped in a triangle that interlock together to create a corner or right angle.

Box Joint – Similar to a dovetail joint but it uses a square shape instead of a triangular shape.

Biscuit Joint – A wooden disk attached to the edge of the first piece of wood is glued into slots that are cut into the second piece of wood. This is a good joint for plywood and other engineered wood materials.

Choose Our Reliable Builders and Local Joiners in Manchester

Our professional joiners in Manchester are fully trained and qualified to complete joinery work in residential, domestic and commercial properties. We are happy to help clients from home owners and tenants to estate agents and landlords.

A Oxley & Son Building Contractors Ltd are based in Manchester with our office located in Stretford. Our services can cover clients across Manchester and the surrounding areas in the North West. This includes Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire and Merseyside.

Get in touch with us by calling our team of builders on 0161 635 2016 or you can fill out the contact form on our website to make an enquiry. Our team of friendly operatives are ready to respond to any queries and concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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