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A boiler is the heart of any home or property. It is responsible for controlling your central heating system, heating, hot water supply and your home or property’s plumbing system. It goes without question that a broken down boiler is not a good situation to be in.

Having a boiler in need of repair adds frustration to an otherwise efficiently functioning home or property. It can create dysfunction when your hot water stops working and you need to take a shower before work, and it creates discomfort when your radiators stop heating up during the winter months. Not to mention there may be a serious issue that needs repairing that, if left unattended, may jeopardise the safety of your home.

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Common Boiler Issues

Oxley & Son have a team of qualified and experienced plumbing and heating engineers who can resolve the following common boiler issues and more:

A noisy boiler – A noisy boiler or central heating system is common and can be caused by a build up of limescale in the heat exchanger. This can be repaired by one of our plumbers. At Oxley & Son, we can carry out a power flushing or bleed your radiators to remove limescale and air from your pipes.

Boiler leaks – This is caused by a number of factors and will need to be investigated before a solution can be offered. Oxley & Son can do just that. We can find the source of the boiler leak and make any repairs and replacements necessary to fix the issue.

Boiler turns off – There are many reasons including low water pressure, air pump issues and frozen pipes, which can cause your boiler to switch itself off. Our fully trained experts can identify the cause and repair your boiler.

Local Installation Plumbers for a New Boiler

At Oxley & Son we also specialise in boiler installations for people who need a new boiler. We have a range of boilers for you to choose from and our plumbing an heating boiler experts can advise you on the best boiler for your home along with the new boiler cost.
Our plumbing and heating team are qualified to carry out boiler installations in Manchester and throughout the UK.
Our team have the expertise to provide you with a great quality service that is fully insured and guaranteed for satisfaction. We focus on keeping you and your home or property running safely and efficiently.

Oxley & Son Boiler Services

Our team of friendly plumbers can take care of all your boiler needs. Whether you need a boiler installation or a boiler repair, you can rely on us to keep you covered.

Our team are well seasoned with the correct training, tools and equipment to repair or install your boiler. Feel free to get in touch with us.

For more information on our boiler services contact us on 0161 635 2016 or make an enquiry by filling out the call-back form. You can also browse our website to find out more about our other plumbing and heating services.

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