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Our environmental concerns

Environmentally Conscious

Oxleys are fully aware of the effect the construction industry has on the surrounding environment. According to some studies, construction is responsible for up to 50% of climate change, 40% of energy usage globally, and 50% of landfill waste, not to mention air, water, and noise pollution and destruction of natural habitats. As the effects of climate change and other environmental issues become more pronounced, it’s more important than ever to find ways to protect the environment


We understand that the ever-changing climate is due to the extremely harmful impact inflicted on the atmosphere by the overuse of fossil fuels and the increase in c02 emissions produced by a combination of industries including ours. We strive to seek ways in which we can improve our environmental impact and see it as our duty to only use environmentally friendly materials. This includes only using FSC Certified Timber, with every FSC tree used, there is a guarantee that multiple trees will be planted in its place. Operating in this way is crucial for us to encourage the wellbeing of our planet.


We aim to reduce noise and its impact on all Oxley sites, since noise pollution is a common complaint from those who live or work near active construction sites. We try to replace heavy equipment to newer, more fuel-efficient models such as electric excavators, or use alternative fuel sources when possible, as well as limiting the amount of time machines spend idling and carefully maintaining all equipment. Whenever possible, we aim to recycle and reuse materials rather than filling local landfills, to help reduce construction site waste.


Supply chain

Meeting expectations

oxley in the community

We have a strong company strategy that encourages a local and sustainable supply chain. We strive to work with local businesses where possible, as we understand the importance of benefiting the local community and economy.

We make a conscious effort to employ people local, this not only reduces the distance travelled to each project, continually reducing our overall carbon footprint but most importantly it fulfils our company goal; to contribute to local employment in and around Trafford and Cheshire.

 In addition to this, we also run an apprenticeship scheme where we aim to give individuals the opportunity to reach their full potential and gain a career as a tradesperson. Apprenticeships are invaluable to our business and to the individual themselves, allowing us to contribute to the community by supporting the future of young individuals at the start of their career.

Autism Awareness

giving something back

Helping Change Lives

A key priority within our business is our continued effort to benefit the community and surrounding areas in which we operate. Oxley's are actively involved in assisted living refurbishment projects for young and old people with autism. These projects and builds are aimed at making the lives of these individuals as comfortable as possible, with added benefits such as sensory rooms.


The work involved enabled our staff to be more mindful of people around them and their needs in terms of construction. This has really tested and enhanced our skillset and we are so proud to have been involved in such a worthy construction. To be a part of, and actively learn and understand the diagnosis of autism and how it can be so very different even just between two individuals is something we are passionate about. To understand and develop appropriate actions and behaviour is something Oxleys staff now appreciate.


This has given us the opportunity to help charities to secure essential funding, to contribute both as a business and by participating in local fundraising. This inspired us to develop a support network with ‘Autism Initiatives’ in order to formulate a fundraising scheme. ng initiatives.


Reddish North End F.c

Oxleys sponser Reddish north end f.c

Oxleys are committed to supporting grass roots football within the local and extended community.


Managing Director Mark Oxley had spells as a teenager at clubs such as Manchester United, Oldham and Blackburn Rovers and represented Stretford Victoria at grass roots for 7 years before moving on to Academy level. Mark understands firsthand the positive impact these clubs offer individuals and the local community and enjoys supporting such teams at this stage; donating generously for necessities such as match and training kits.


Reddish North End F.C was established in the year 2000 and now has 44 teams which include: Boys, Girls, open age Ladies, open age Mens. They have very strict policies and do not tolerate violence, racism or sexual discrimination under any circumstances. The opportunities given to the all team players and members are fantastic; the facilities and coaching staff are that of a professional team.


It is an honour for Oxleys to support and sponsor such a brilliant organisation that gives so much back to the community. We wish all players the very best as they start their careers at grass roots.




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